By: Anonymous: Bill ()  Wednesday, 05 May 2010 @ 02:20 PM ICT (Read 8183 times)  

hi I have a Honda Nice 125cc RS naughty sport 2005 from Thailand vin zn125ts-001XXXX can you tell me when the model stop been made need to tell the dvla so I can get registration bike kept in shop for five years still new

thanks Bill from the UK by Chester

By: news (offline)  Wednesday, 05 May 2010 @ 02:32 PM ICT  

The Honda Nice 125 RS is also known as the Honda XRM or Honda Bravo, the Honda Nice 125 RS shares the same engine as the early Honda Wave 125 (Honda Innova in Europe). The Honda Nice is mostly know for its 110cc version.

In some countries, for example the Philippines, the Honda Nice (Honda XRM) is still produced and available.
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By: Anonymous: Noddy ()  Tuesday, 18 May 2010 @ 06:45 PM ICT  

Hello, Bill,

As you need info for the DVLA I assume the bike's in Britain? I also have a Naughty Nice 125RS. Rode mine to China but couldn't get in so shipped it home. I'm aiming to register mine this week. I had to get an MSVA inspection, an MOT and insurance but no mention of the end of build dates.

If they insist; I reckon they stopped Nice production around the end of 2005.

Mine was chassis ZN125TS-0009*** and was built in July 2005. Mine sat in a showroom unregistered for two years before I bought it; they trailered the thing 30km to me free just to sell it at last. I hope they gave you a good price after a 5 year wait! I did see just one, still unsold, in a dealership in Loei about Sept 2009 (yellow- wonder if that's the one you bought?!). I think there's no coincidence that yours is also a 2005 build, albeit a 1000 bikes later by the chassis No. I believe they stopped build of the boy-racer stylie Nice in late 2005 when the Nova Sonic came out. No fashion conscious Thai would buy a Nice when a 5 speed, water-cooled, faster and more powerful and, most of all, latest boy-racer styled Sonic was there. Personally I sought out the air-cooled Nice for repairability on my ride back to the UK (the C90 manual is adequate to work on the Nice!) and put touring bars and raised suspension and a Chinatown luggage rack on.

I would assume you will also have to get an MSVA approval? For reference then the changes I had to make were: new speedo card with mph and kmh, new indicators, , white sidelight (position lamp) and high load spec tyres.

Speedo; took apart and stuck on new lettering from a printer using high quality white sellotape. Hadn't noticed the card was tranpsarent and lit from behind- barely passed.
UK indicators must have 240mm front and 180mm rear between the lit parts of lenses and must have white position lights. Cheapy indicators from a bike repair shop drilled onto headlight cowling and rear mudguard but needed a new flasher unit cos they were 25w and the Thai ones were 10W. The position light came from sticking white bulbs in the old indicator glasses and tapping the live feed for headlights before the dim-dip switch. No mention was made of permanently on headlights despite it making position lights pretty pointless.
Tyres; the tester measures up the seat positions of two 75kg standard passengers and the bike axle weights and the tyres must be Euro marked and load rated to suit. I'd bought Euro moped tyres unknowingly- low load and speed rated only to 60mph. My suspension mods and heavy back rack put me way over. High load tyres are very hard to find at 2.75" max width. Solution was to declare bike's max speed as 60mph as if tyre SPEED rating exceeds bike's maximum it allows you an extra 10% over and above the marked LOAD rating. I ended up fitting a 3" tyre to get '50P' rating. It looks fine but will come off if unstable to ride.

I'm amused to see there's another Nice in Britain; I thought mine was unique! My pipe dream is to fabricate a 20litre fuel tank for my bike and try to ride the length of Britain to raise money to fight climate change. I've bettered 200mpg before and I think its about doable. If I go I'll look out for a Nice when passing Chester.



By: Anonymous: 555promonkey ()  Thursday, 29 March 2012 @ 12:08 AM ICT  

Hi Bill, Noddy and all on the forum,
Please can anyone help with the following information I need?
I know this is an old topic but is relevant and the only item I have been able to find:-l. I am trying to put a NS125 naughty nice through a MSVA in Lancashire UK. To complete the application form I need three answers! 1) BHP or KW? 2) maximum road speed? 3) maximum power engine speed?
This is 2005 model with a chassis No that lies between your two! I did see a yellow bike on eBay not sure if it was a nice or sonic? Noddy I would be interested in your idea of JOG2LE if your still thinking about it? I would welcome any correspondence reference this smart little bike.
A great site and is now added to my bookmarks:-)

By: Anonymous: Noddy ()  Tuesday, 02 June 2015 @ 11:40 PM ICT  

Hi Paul,

I was just looking up Honda Nice info regarding getting someone to insure mine (been off the road for a couple for years) and found my own long forgotten post.

I'm sure you found a way through MSVA by now but for the record for others I told them the engine was the same as on an ANF125 Innova without fuel injection, which is absolutely true as far as I know. I can only seeinjected spec; Innova power is...

9.17 HP (6.7 kW)) @ 7500 RPM. but carb model is almost identical.

Seem to remember it was in my favour to say that the top speed was a little low so I told them she did 60mph max. In fact she'll usually manage 65.

Do let me know if you got your Lancashire bike registered.

I've done no more than ponder about riding to John O' Groats on a single tank but now the dream is do it on home-brewed ethanol, and to ride to the Orkneys or even the Shetlands as the ferries were only £15 for a bike when I last looked.

By: news (offline)  Wednesday, 03 June 2015 @ 09:01 AM ICT  

If you're going to experiment with different fuel, it's best to check if your carburetor has a float that is made to withstand Ethanol fuel. Of course it's always wise to check all other plastic and rubber components that come into contact with fuel, like the fuel hose. Otherwise it can cause serious problems...



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