By: Anonymous: RLonny G ()  Tuesday, 04 May 2010 @ 08:42 PM ICT (Read 5917 times)  

Can anyone provide info on how to attain Thai Ninja 250R Service Manual, wiring diagram, electrical system schematic, for fuel injected engine? Being required to hook up a Morey (DAS) Data Acquisition System to a 2010 Kawasaki 250R fuel injected engine being use for competition events in USA, need help locating/ buying service manual for our Thai built 250R engine?

By: ThaiDesign (offline)  Tuesday, 04 May 2010 @ 08:53 PM ICT  

The Thai 2010 Kawasaki Ninja 250R is identical to the in Europe available Ninja 250R. So service manuals should be available in most European languages.



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By: Anonymous: RLonny G ()  Wednesday, 05 May 2010 @ 01:20 AM ICT  

Currently in Michigan USA, need wiring schematic or service manual in English language for the Thai built fuel injection Ninga 250R. Any contact info on where I can purchase order this manual to be shipped to the States?

By: Anonymous: Cob ()  Wednesday, 05 May 2010 @ 07:08 AM ICT  

All Kawasaki manuals have a ISBN code and can be ordered anywhere on the planet, you can also contact Kawasaki England.

By: news (offline)  Wednesday, 05 May 2010 @ 07:58 AM ICT  

You can buy the Kawasaki Ninja 250R service manual for around 38 US dollars.

Here is a link that sells them 2008 2009 2010 Kawasaki Ninja 250R 250 R Service Manual Paper Part# 99924-1391-03



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By: Anonymous: RLonny G ()  Wednesday, 05 May 2010 @ 11:50 PM ICT  

Thanks for feedback, I have above 99924-1391-03 service manual from Kawasaki, unfortunately entire electrical system section is for carbureted versions.
So far Kawasaki Thailand, also Kawasaki Germany telling us they can only give info to official Kawasaki Dealers. Kawasaki Dealers in Thailand and Germany telling us they do not release this info to public. Kawasaki USA gives out lots on info though only on the carbureted fuel system versions?
Cob; any contact for Kawasaki England?
Our Thai Spira team here at Michigan International Speedway really needs electrical system schematic on Thai built Ninja 250R Fuel Injected engine. X-Prize, Morey and us Spira are doing our best to reverse engineer, in order to hook up their supplied Data Acquisition System. 3+ days still working on it, lot of different colored wires?
Really would appreciate anyone help in a contact for buying fuel injection service manual, and or even a scan of the wiring diagram for the Thai built 250R?

By: Anonymous: Rlonny G ()  Friday, 21 May 2010 @ 09:42 AM ICT  

FYI, finally got a hold of the 2009/2010 Ninja 250R fuel injection version wiring schematic from a German contact, danka, khap kun khrap, been searching hi and low for it. At last.

by the way understand now:
Fuel injector = Einspritzd├╝sen
Fuel Pump = Kraftstoffpumpe

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