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I have a problem on my Honda VFR 750. The bike is of 1996 vintage and has done 45,000 kilometers. I keep it plugged into an Optimate when not in use as I don get out on it much as I would like to. The problem started when I came back from Koh Chang last year, stopped when getting off the ferry and the engine cut out and wouldn't start on the starter.

However a bump start got her going and I didn't have any more trouble going home, even though I stopped a couple of times for petrol etc.

Out a couple of weeks ago and I noticed the speedo started flicking back and forwards then stopped working all together, When I stopped to investigate the bike cut out again and wouldn't start on the starter, no a click or a whirr, although the idiot lights dimmed when the starter was operated.

Once the bike was bumped again is started OK and when I tried to start it at home when I got back everything appeared to be operating normally and has since. Any ideas what it could be?

By: news (offline)  Monday, 28 January 2008 @ 05:54 PM ICT  

Providing the battery and starter connections are secure this does sound like a failing battery. You can easily test the resistance of the heavy duty wiring between the battery and the starter motor with a multimeter or even simpler just feel to if any of the wires or connections are getting hot when in use.

If all is OK with the wiring on the bike then a competent mechanic will have a drop tester to really put the battery though its paces.



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