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I have a Kawasaki GPZ1000RX what has an intermittent ignition problem. The ignition will completely cut out at times. The headlights will stay on, so that isolates the key, and I have isolated the sidestand and clutch switches also.

The fuse junction box seems to be okay too. Two mechanics I spoke to said that the IC ignitor box could be the problem.

I went to Bangkok, a one and half-hour trip, and had no problems. Returning took an hour and a half and 16 involuntary stops where the Kawasaki died. Two or three minutes' rest would see the bike start again, only to die a 3 kilometer or two down the road.

I took the bike to a mechanic to get checked out, but the bike behaved perfectly, preventing a look at the problem. Does the ignitor box get hot and cut out, then cool down sufficiently for the cycle to continue? Why some times and not others? It has always had this problem since I have had it – a few months – but normally if it cuts out I could turn on and off the ignition key and the bike would bumpstart itself, although it seems to have gotten really bad a few days ago, and then 'fixed' itself for now. The pulser units and the ignition coils would surely cut out two cylinders if they were the problem, no cut all cylinders out together.

Any help would by much appreciated...

By: ThaiDesign (offline)  Saturday, 27 March 2010 @ 08:16 AM ICT  

These are the sort of problems that are sent to test us. The best way to track it down is to go in search of more information about what it is doing; it may even be the reason that the last owner sold the motorcycle, if you can ask them about it...

Confirm that it is, in fact, the ignition that is cutting out by testing if there is spark when the engine dies.

If you can get to a spark plug cap when the motorcycle has stopped, remove the cap and put a spark plug into it and hold it against the engine block (careful to not get electrocuted). Turn the engine over and check if there is spark. This may not be as easy as it sounds due to the time that it takes to get at the spark plug cap and do the test as the motorcycle may just begin to run again.

It is most important that you do this or have confirmed that the lack of spark is the problem before you look elsewhere in the ignition system.

I have known some types of ignition switch that have one-circuit for the lights and accessories and a separate one for the ignition circuit so don't dismiss that as the area of concern. Check out the wiring diagram in your owner's manual or have someone look at it to advise you of this and other bad earths in the electrical system can cause strange symptoms to occur.



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By: Anonymous: 1000rx owner ()  Wednesday, 14 April 2010 @ 05:26 PM ICT  

my 86 Peacemodel has same problem, removed spark plug , hold on to engine , wind over, only had spark on number 4 , tested coil , wires, then had spark on all 4 cylynders , turn ignition off then on again, no spark at all. traced wire diagramme ,and now trying to find new ic igniter, everything else seems to test ok on multi meter:

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