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Hi guys, hope you are all well? I've got a quick question about crash protectors. I am seriously considering fitting them to my motorcycle, but have recently had a few concerns raised by some bloke on another forum. He said that they will almost certainly deck out and probably be the cause of any crash I am likely to have, and there was also a fairly good chance that they'll damage the frame and write the motorcycle off when I do.

Is any of that valid in your opinion? Cheers in advance.

By: news (offline)  Sunday, 21 March 2010 @ 07:41 PM ICT  

The field is divided on crash protectors. Firstly, as a general rule crash protectors are never a bad idea. If we had fitted crash protectors on all our motorcycles over the years, there would have been a lot more money for the holiday budget.

We've also heard toe occasional story where a crash protection has actually caused more damage than perhaps otherwise would have been done, because of complications at the mounting point.

That said, you'll have to get the peg folded up and the can in the floor before they touch, and the protectors will save you serious amounts of money most of the time.



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