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Hi my name is Sweeney I live in Pattaya
I take this opportunity to remember my daughter ANGELINA LINDA TODD.
Who died on the 6th Feb. 2007 at MIKE's shopping mall 2nd road Pattaya?

She fell 5 floors to her death when the lights went out and someone shouted fire the panic that followed caused her death as she looked over the rail to see what was going on at ground floor level the rail was too low and still is. 1 meter!!!!! it should be 1.20m to prevent the possibility of this happening to the public if you go to mikes and look down you will suffer the same fate. as vertigo pulls you down try you will see what I mean this happened before to a young boy the year before. Nothing was done to put the fault right. And still it is the same a death trap! Any ideas on what we can do welcomed.

To the one hundred and fifty folk who attended the funeral thank you
She is remembered in our prayers and thoughts.

It is nearing one year now and I would like to invite you all to the remembrance ceremony at our home at Lakeside Hideaway soi 12 moo8 off soi Paradise Viler 87 or 89 off Sukhumvit road Pattaya. Where we will have the monks at 10 am until 1 pm on the 6th Feb. 2008 food and drinks will be served to all a ride would be nice if anyone can organize it let me know on this site thanks for reading.


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