By: Anonymous: Rico ()  Sunday, 20 January 2008 @ 06:44 PM ICT (Read 2985 times)  

Isn't it dumb to buy a bike, ride it and when it came to the point that it get broken you get afraid to open it up because your thinking you might wreak it even more. So I went to the shop and have the mechanic fix it, only to find my self-getting more dumber than before.

I'm an owner of a Honda NF 125 (Wave 125), buying it 2nd hand I know it will be in a hard running condition. So I opened it up, amaze finding my self asking more question as to what the parts name's part code's and specs I'm going to buy.

Since the lady in the parts store couldn't get the parts I'm describing her. Oh boy I'm in trouble!!!! I know how to fix my bike but I don't have the part catalog.

The difficult part of it is that I don't know if what I'm looking for is available. Wouldn't it be nice if it comes with part catalog? Hahahaha I will just upgrade my bike to the parts available making it more powerful and faster. To overrun the guys using the stock bike..

Rico Verino

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