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Three falang bought Phantoms in Kalasin between November and January this year and all have problems. The first one bought last November for cash screetches when the clutch is operated. I told him to take it back to the shop but he's not bothered because of the 3 year 30,000klm warranty. Up to him. The second one bought in January had a ticking noise after a few kilometres and he took it back to the shop and they did something to quieten it.

Mine bought in December was noisy from the start. I had one bought in March 2006 with 32000klm on the clock and changed it because the engine and gearbox were getting noisy but I thought the new one was just as noisy. I had the first service at just under 1000klm and then after a long ride to Korat I had the oil changed again at 2100. The service should be at 4000 but I always change the oil every 2000. The mechanic showed me the oil he drained and there was about 1/2 a cup instead of a litre. When I got back to Kalasin i checked the oil again and it seemed low so i topped it up and took the bike back to the shop next day.

As it happened there was a guy there from Honda Bangkok. I got them to take the spark plug out and it was black with soot. First they tried to say I'd put something in the fuel then something clicked and this guy rang somewhere. None of them speak English so my lady is interpretting and i tried to get through to them that it is a new bike and i wouldn't accept a rebuilt engine. If the oil was so low when i reached Korat theres no knowing what damage was caused. Usually the camshaft is the first thing to go from oil starvation but that wasn't included in the spares. I wanted the full factory built power unit and I thought this was agreed. It was over a week later they said most of the parts had arrived except one so i went to look and checked a small box.

There were gaskets, valves, piston and rings, a gudgeon pin and a timing chain and they were waiting for the cylinder. Now the mechanics up here i wouldn't trust to repair a wheelbarrow never mind strip and rebuild an engine which is one reason i had requested the full power unit. I refused to accept this and they said i could have the bike sent to Bangkok but it would take a month or two. I know there is the 30,000 3 year warranty but my argument is i bought a new bike and i want a new engine in it, not a rebuilt one. If i wanted a rebuilt engine i could have had the old Phantom done and saved about 60,000 Baht. What the hell is happening? 3 bikes all with problems.

Anyone else had problems with the Phantom?

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