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Hi, thought I'd write in as a 'new lady rider'. After years of being badgered by my husband and friends, I finally plucked up the courage to do my Thai motorcycle drivers test last year. Bit embarrassing to say that I needed a couple attempts, but, I passed and bought a Honda CB400 (CB1). I love it! Till I crashed it! It had been leaking oil from the front forks onto the tire and slipped going into a bend, narrowly missing the barriers and a 6 to 10 meter drop at the other side.

Two guys, who had been traveling not far behind me on off-road bikes slowed down to help, as they saw me sliding down the grass and gravel on my backside. They helped me up, then picked up the bike, and bits strewn across the road.

Honestly, maybe because of a bit of shock I never said thanks to this guys, and therefor I want to say now. I'm Eternally grateful guys, thanks.

After fitting a few new bits and bobs, mirrors, brake levers, and of course fork seals, we set off for a weekend away down south with our final destination being the Northeast province of Loei. Some roads are really fantastic and for some I will recommend a form of off-the-road machine, but all it is really fantastic over there.

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I understand what you said, when I shock I also forget to say thank you for someone who helped me, too.

When I was young I rode my bike from school to home, I rode a bit faster on off-road then my bike fall down so hard. Luckily, there was someone to picked me up and took me home. But forget to say thank you to him...

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