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I bougth a Honda cbr 150 2007 model here in my country Philippines but originally assembled and produced and distribured in Honda Thailand,,
My problem is mostly our fuel distributor here in the Philippines are now selling gas with Ethanol10 blended..and my questions are;;,,
1. is the engine of my motor safe using E10 fuel mixed?
2. In continuing using this it may cause carburetor problem later on?
3. Is my honda cbr 150 2007 model comply with E10?

i need your opinion regarding this matter
Thank very much

By: Richard (offline)  Saturday, 23 January 2010 @ 08:04 AM ICT  

The 2007 Honda CBR 150R is the latest model, after the 2007 model Honda only changed the colors a few times, but mechanical the 2007 CBR 150R is identical to later models.

In Thailand the Honda CBR 150R runs fine on E20 and in Thailand there's even a sticker on the fuel-tank indicating that the CBR 150R can run on fuel up-to E20, so E10 being with less ethanol then E20, you should be fine running E10. Honda CBR



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