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March 2013

2nd Phnom Penh International Bike Week 2013

Saturday, 30/03/13 - Sunday, 31/03/13 All Day
Bike Meeting
Diamond Island (Kok Pich)
, Cambodia
The 2nd Phnom Penh International Bike Week 2013 event happens on 30th & 31th March organize by Cambodia Biker Club Association . Due to good responsed and feedback from last year , this year event will be more support from many oversea / local biker, sponsors, local and oversea media , local authorities , local famous Super Star and public . Objective of the event is to create biking brotherhood , sisterhood......familyhood , sharing info , interest , create awareness of safety riding , wearing helmet . We also don't forget about our CBC Slogen " Safe Ride Save Life " and we will raise fund for Operation Smile to help the children smile again .The event will bring good tourism for the country too.

Activities.....such as Bike Stunt show , custom bike display , Oversea & local Rock Band , slow ride contest and many more new games for you to enjoy . Please check youtube to see our CBC previous events . Type Cambodia Biker Club or 1st Phnom Penh Bike Week .You will find out more...and mark your calendar . Cheers


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