Wire Stripping Pliers and Ratchet Terminal Crimps - Simple Electrical Tools

If you have a older motorcycle that’s on the edge of 10 years old or that can be classed as a project motorcycle, you should arm yourself with a wire stripping pliers and ratchet terminal crimps, this simple electrical tools make repairs and modifications so much easier.

The wire strippers are satisfying to use – neat, with easy exposure of the copper strands for fitting connectors or splicing in joins every time. The jaws have a variety of sizes to suit common wire diameters on Japanese or European motorcycles. Then you bring the ratchet crimps in to play.

Rather than using shitty pre-insulated connectors that add resistance and strain to the electrics, you can use OE-spec non-insulated terminals which function as intended, and are fully compatible with OE connector blocks.

Grotty or burnt-out terminals can be replaced, or mods like new dashes and reg/rec upgrades can seamlessly be added without irreversibly butchering the main loom. Or, they’re good enough to build an entire new loom. They’re more useful than I ever thought they would be, and I wouldn’t be without them. They’re not cheap, and the crimps feel a bit cheap, but you can pay a lot more – for sporadic home use, these are a good compromise.

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