Kawasaki vs Bajaj Auto Trouble in Paradise?

We asked Kawasaki Thailand if they wanted with the Versys-X 300 one on one with the Zongshen RX250 which is a Chinese build adventure motorcycle that looks remarkable similar and is available for a few years….

Kawasaki Thailand after a few questions about the Versys-X 300 versus the very similar looking 3 year old Chinese design got a bit hostile. So we backed off and used an different approach through another Kawasaki company and we finally got our hands on a Kawasaki Versys-X 300.

Maybe you never hear about Bajaj Auto before, what’s understandable they like to stay in the background of some of the big motorcycling industry names.

Since the first of April of this year Bajaj Auto and Kawasaki have officially ended the friendship, Bajaj Auto still controlling the Southeast Asian Kawasaki Motor Sport market until an undefined date and according to Kawasaki HQ nothing in Asia according Kawasaki distribution will change… meanwhile, Bajaj Auto is using any or all technology to build Kawasaki competitive machine with its Chinese affiliated company CFMoto.

We not have to forget that most of the money that Kawasaki Motorsport was using over the years was financed by Bajaj Auto as they sold the small capacity motorcycles under the Kawasaki brand throughout Southeast Asia. In Southeast Asia is the owner and operator of most production facilities.

According to business insiders, Kawasaki Heavy Industries is only, 42% owner of the production of motorcycles in Asia...

At the moment Bajaj Auto is making KTM motorcycles in China at the CFMoto manufacturing facilities to circumvent Thai import duties.

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