Build a Dream Bike

There's an increasing desire among riders to build their own dream bike, which is why we feature this story. And with scores of companies now offering motorcycle kits with a wide range of components and parts, that dream is fast becoming a reality.

While these companies offer a diverse selection of motorcycle kits, which vary from 'batteries included' to rolling chassis, it's easy to see there would be limitless options.

One's dream could easily overshadow what any market could supply.
These minute differences apply to any component; from the style of foot-pegs to billet versus spoke wheels. And although there are many options offered with standard packages, when you consider the infinite number of combinations of styles, and the parts needed to make these styles happen. It's more than possible that some parts and pieces will need to be sourced elsewhere.

There may not be a standard offered part that will fit your exactly. A good case in point is the control cables for your particular dream bike.

Handlebars come in every conceivable configuration, height, and width. Mix in the different risers available, along with the same number in a pullback style, and you can see there's no way any one company can offer a clutch or throttle cable to fit every pairing of bars and risers.

However, some manufacturers offer builders the option of custom-made cables for both clutch and throttle applications. For those of you who can't find the perfect fit from your local supplier, you can always have a cable build to your specifications. Tag: Dream Companies Builders Parts
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