Akrapovic Exhaust Systems Never Compromise

Igor Akrapovic, aged 57, founded Akrapovic in 1991 as a tuning workshop. Unhappy with the quality of exhaust systems available, he started making his own.

Igor Akrapovic explains why his exhaust systems continue to be the most desirable in motorcycling:

It was hard to get on top, but staying there is even harder. But we have managed this feat because of two reasons.

Firstly it’s our huge investment and commitment to development technology and secondly our support over 80 teams and we’re not just there with money and stickers like some of our competitors. We are really pushing to continuously develop the exhaust. And from our huge base knowledge we apply our race technology to the road. Our development and large investment in motorsport helps us to stand our.

But really, it comes down to development. I mean in development alone we have our 100 people, another 10 just in racing and 96 engineers overall. We have doctors of science, a really strong team and this really pushes us forward.

We have many young engineers and they need advice and to be pushed to progress, I’m continuously working very closely with them and I really push these guys. If they develop something I don’t like, then it’s a no-go. Sometimes they come back and say. ‘Oh, it’s too expensive, or let’s simplify something, which may cause it to lose 1 horsepower.’ ad I will always say no to that. No way.

Our customer will always get the best product. If we are not able to do it in the best possible way then it’s best not to do it at all. I do not compromise, we do not compromise here. Not now, not ever. I hate compromise.

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