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Do you really want to just trust on your memory to remind you to do something as important as checking you motorcycle's valves? I didn't think so. Enter the motorcycle Minder iPhone application from JGM Apps. For less than US$ 3 (90 Baht), this application allows you to keep track of kilometers and the maintenance that's been done, or needs to be done on your ride.

It allows for multiple bikes or cars, services, repairs and mods. Keep track of oil changes and other maintenance tasks for all your vehicles. Never have to wonder again when your Motorcycle needs it's next oil change, new air filter, or needs to be greased. Taking care of your motorcycle will prolong it's life and keep you out on the road. Motorcycle Minder's easy and beautiful interface lets you record services in mere seconds and lookup when a service is due just as fast.
Motorcycle Minder includes the ability to maintain a log of any mods that you might make to your motorcycle so that you can remember everything that you have done to personalize your bike. (Car Minder does not include this) upgrades and check-ups in a clean, easy-to-use interface.
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