The Zongshen Ryuka Fly 150 Supermoto Style Bike

The Zongshen Ryuka Fly 150 isn't a revolutionary motorcycle – the Ryuka Fly 150 comes in two versions an Off-Road and Supermoto style – we selected the Ryuka Fly 150 Supermoto for a closer look.

Despite the Ryuka Fly 150 having only a 150cc single cylinder engine. I was expecting a roarty, vibrating, rip-snorter of a single, but what you get is a gentle, smooth and relatively vibration free engine. The engine is not as powerful as the Honda CBR150R, but the engine feels surely more user friendlier.

The Variable Aluminum Alloy Cross Section frame of the Ryuka Fly 150 is well designed, the geometry of the frame is arranged to give the Ryuka Fly 150 a 50:50 front-rear weight distribution for neutral handling. The bit over-sized swingarm with Showa mono-shock, is perfectly designed to help traction, the combination frame and swingarm, and Upside-Down (inverted) Showa front forks give the motorcycle perfect road handling.

Riding the Zongshen Ryuka Fly 150 is like all supermotos the trick is to simply bung it around and treat it quite aggressively, but do this and it really does work well. When we tried the Ryuka Fly 150 we rode on tight twisty roads as well as being let lose on a kart track, and although the forks could do with a bit of stiffening the Ryuka Fly 150 acquitted itself very well.

And the Zongshen Ryuka Fly 150 is even stable at speed, unlike some other supermotos. Zongshen has designed the Ryuka Fly 150 well, the overall aerodynamic of the motorcycle aid to improve high speed stability.

The Zongshen Ryuka Fly 150 is a 150cc supermoto with real credibility that can actually be used every day. It may be missing the bite that you may expect from the somewhat aggressive looking design, but it's much better road bike for it. The price tag of the Zongshen Ryuka Fly 150 is set at 69,800 Baht, which is about halve the price of the Kawasaki D-Tracker 250.

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