Your Motorcycle - Keeping it Clean

Cleaning your motorcycle regularly is one of the most important jobs you can do. Not only will it look nice and shiny after you finish, it will also be protected from decay. But you need to choose the correct products for the job. Think about the different materials used to make your motorcycle; steel, aluminum, chrome, plastic, rubber and paint.

Then consider all of the things that affect them when you ride; rain, road grit, dirt, insects, ultraviolet light and abrasion .

You need to choose a cleaning product that is strong enough to remove the dirt but won't damage sensitive surfaces. Oven cleaner will certainly clean the engine cases, but it will also attack aluminum parts of the engine.
Aluminum is a sensitive metal and one of the first to show negative impacts if you use the wrong chemicals. Warm soapy water is much safer, but it will not remove chain lube from the rear wheel without some scrubbing – and that will probably scratch your alloy rims.

Don't use a jet wash – ut can blast off paint, find its way into the wiring and flush lubricants from cables. Us a hose with a spray nozzle to rinse after cleaning. Then apply a coat of wax, or polish, to give it a protective coat; finally apply corrosion protestant to parts that could rust.
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