Your Exhaust Pipe - The Heat is On

At the exhaust valve the temperature of the exhaust gas leaving your motorcycle engine is 1250 degrees centigrade while at the exhaust header pipe it has cooled slightly to about 1000 degrees centigrade. As example aluminum has a melting point of about 2000 degree centigrade, and magnesium's melting point is 650 degree centigrade. For stainless steel exhaust pipes the melting point depends on the percentage of chromium and nickel and elements in the alloy, according to experts steel starts melting at approximately 1375 degree centigrade, while the percentage of chromium increases hardness and melting temperature of your exhaust pipe...

All this exhaust gas heat means that the exhaust header pipe can reach temperatures of 850 degrees centigrade at its skin, which is why you shouldn't touch it! Constant high rpm will cause the exhaust pipe to glow red, which looks cool and it useful for lighting fags.
Also at say 18,000rpm a 1000cc sportsbike produces 9000 cubic liters of exhaust gas every minute. At this rate it would take a 1000cc sportsbike approximately 180 hours to completely fill Thailand's biggest exhibition center with exhaust fumes, causing a lot of distress to some people.
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