The Yoshimura RS-4 Exhaust for the Honda CRF250L

The Yoshimura RS-4 exhaust system is to the 2013 Honda CRF250L what sunshine is to the darkness. It completely transforms the CRF250L into a more powerful and willing machine.

The Yoshimura RS-4 for the Honda CRF250L is available as a Stainless Full System. Yoshimura also makes a titanium/carbon version of the RS-4 exhaust system, but that system is bit pricy for the average CRF250L user.

With the stock exhaust system the 2013 Honda CRF250L is a choked-up mess. Worldwide exhaust emission rules have made sure4 that the muffler outlet diameter is too small. The length of the canister is too long, and it doesn't flow exhaust gases as well as an aftermarket exhaust. For a serious Honda CRF250L rider, buying a different exhaust system for the Honda CRF250L should be a top priority. Enter the Yoshimura RS-4 exhaust with its two-stage stepped-baffle design, larger muffler outlet, and ability to let the engine exhaust much much easier...
We would have been shocked if the Yoshimura RS-4 CRF250L exhaust hadn't made a noticeable improvement. After all, this is almost the same system that professional Honda MX teams use. Our test rider noticed a big improvement in the area where the Honda CRF250L shines-bottom-end to midrange power. The Yoshimura RS-4 will not overhaul the Honda engine, but it maximizes what's already there. If you love the stock CRF250L powerband, then you'll immediately fall in love with the Yoshimura RS-4 exhaust system.

The Yoshimura RS-4 is not the cheapest full exhaust system, as the advised retail price is 21,000 THB. The full exhaust system includes an RS-4 muffler with turn-out end-cap, stainless steel header and tail-pipe, low-volume insert, all installation hardware, and step-by-step instructions. The Yoshimura RS-4 stainless steel full exhaust system also works on the 2013 Honda CRF250M.Tag: Yoshimura RS-4 Exhaust-System Honda CRF250L 250cc Stainless-Steel
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