Yamaha vs Honda, The Fight about Scooter Domination

Yamaha introduced the new Yamaha Nouvo Elegance a scooter with more potential, it is a 135cc automatic V-belt which is in fact the largest V-belt scooter official available on the Thai market. It is clear that Yamaha, after there beating success of the Yamaha YZF-R15 in the 150cc sport, previous dominated by Honda with there CBR-150R, market wanted to attack Honda where it really hurts.

For large motorcycle manufacturers the niche market of sports or performance bike is small, smaller then everybody would belief. And the main market for AP-Honda, which is still the largest 2-wheeler manufacturer in Thailand are the popular underbone bikes and scooters, basically bikes which Thai people drive to do shopping in the neighborhood, previous the sales for this sort of bike was Honda Wave and after a long nothing you had other brands. But Yamaha did not leave it with that, Yamaha did introduced the Yamaha Fino, which really hurt Honda where it feels it the most.
Hurting Honda at the Sport bike section and kicking them extremely hard in the average shopping and teenage bike, Yamaha went after Honda's newest trend, the performance trendy bike, a automatic scooter with style and performance, in this class Honda introduced a year ago the Honda AirBlade, a state of the art 110cc all included liquid-cooled with all the latest technology.

It seems that Yamaha followed the development of the Honda Airblade closely, as they now launched there latest attack on AP-Honda with improving on all of AP-Honda's commercial preassign features.

Even the new Yamaha Nouvo Elegance is 125cc more then the Honda Airblade it in first tests seems to use less fuel. The Yamaha Nouvo engine is more powerful and quiet and capable to impress drivers.

Soon more about the Yamaha Nouvo Elegance after we finished our driving tests.

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