The Yamaha YZF600 ThunderCat as Used Motorcycle

The Yamaha YZF600 ThunderCat is a perfect example for an affordable used motorcycle in Thailand, the tweaked engine from the Yamaha FZR600 sportbike in a steel Deltabox frame. Really comfortable, good fuel economics, splendid brakes and bulging midrange. It's the perfect budget 600 if you often carry a pillion.

So what should you look out for when buying a Yamaha YZF600 ThunderCat? The brake calipers – they can seize. The engine is pretty rock solid and there are few reliability worries. The clutch action feels imprecise, but check it's not slipping. Look at the rear tire: a 170-section fits, but makes the steering slower. If the Yamaha YZF600 has a 170-section rear tire, think about switching back to the standard 160 for faster steering.

Levers are not span-adjustable, but you can fit adjustable ones. Heavier oil and stiffer springs in the front end works wonders. Tacho doubles as fault code reader: for instance, if it flicks up to 3000rpm throttle-position sensors needs adjusting (what basically means replacing). The headlights on the Yamaha YZF600 are something I will classify as so-so, it's best to replace the light-bulb with a halogen bulb directly.
The only serious problem with the Yamaha YZF600 ThunderCat is that they are not that easy to find in Thailand. With its 33 horsepower and relaxed riding position plus the perfect pillion seat the Yamaha YZF600 is perfect for riding in Thailand.
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