Yamaha YZ 4-strokes: Still Kings of Motocross with 2009 upgrades

Yamaha's technology and quality of products in the off-road racing world has become legendary. Grand Prix wins and championships, AMA-Supercross and Motocross titles and podium honors in the inaugural Women's world series means that the Yamaha YZ450F and Yamaha YZ250F four-stroke motorcycles keep pride-of-place right at the top of the competitive tree.

The new 2009 range of production Yamaha YZ, WR (Enduro) and junior TT-R and PW bikes has recently been introduced and boast some key upgrades to the quintessential motocross line.

For 2009 - the 37th year in which Yamaha has produced highly competitive motocross models aimed at the professional, amateur and hobby rider - Yamaha's engineers have focused on creating a sophisticated high-performance chassis that offers YZ four-stroke riders of both Yamaha YZ450F and Yamaha YZ250F a real competitive advantage in tight corners by centralizing mass and shaving weight.
The two Yamaha YZ four-stroke bikes will be available in both blue and white with Yamaha's racing 'Speed Block' graphics. New black wheel rims add to a stylish and fresh image for the potent YZs.

The latest Yamaha YZ450F is built to strike fear into the hearts of the opposition. Now equipped with an even more agile-handling chassis and revised suspension settings, the 2009 Yamaha YZ450F is designed to keep you way out front!

Running with a new ultra-light swingarm, as well as a lighter rear hub and stiffer rear axle, the '09 bike's reduced unsprung weight and revised rigidity balance means you can turn quicker and exit bends faster than ever before.
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