The Yamaha Vmax, with Insane Powerful Engine

The Yamaha Vmax, legends are not made every day. In the 80s, when American V8 muscle cars dominated drag strips and bigger was considered quintessentially better, Yamaha detoured off track to explore unknown territory... which culminated in the awesome Yamaha Vmax. Sold under the Star brand in America, the Yamaha Vmax featured a monster 1198cc V4 engine, muscular bodywork – and smoked everything in sight. So all-conquering did the Yamaha Vmax prove that not even Yamaha conceived of beating it. So cosmetics aside, the Yamaha Vmax remained unchanged until a year ago.

The Yamaha Vmax concept debuted at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show. Imposingly muscular and scary, the production version echoes the original motorcycle with fidelity. The trademark trumpet intakes are even more prominent as is the high front and low tail custom character.

The Yamaha Vmax is made to win drags with and Yamaha ensured extended wind tunnel time for the new Yamaha Vmax. Though bereft of front fairing, drag is minimized by front end design while airflow to the RAM-air intakes is optimized. The trumped intakes flank airbox cover which doubles as dummy fuel tank and feed the massive engine with higher volumes of air. The ride perch is low down custom style while seat back rest shrouds the 15-liter fuel tank.
The long years developing the engine and consequent delay was due to Yamaha's no-compromise approach in making its most powerful production motorcycle engine. The all-new 1,679cc liquid-cooled, 65-degree V4 engine looks good from outside as well. Employing 90mm bore and 66mm stroke, the capacity has been bumped furiously up over the previous model's 1198cc. Featuring a compression ratio of 11.3:1, the engine produces a breathtaking 200 horsepower at 9,000rpm and tire shredding 167Nm of torque at 6,500rpm. The engine gains from Yamaha's cutting edge YCC-1 and YCC-T technologies. The big bore engine features pent-roof combustion chambers and iridium spark plugs for high caliber performance.

Doffing hat to stricter emission norms, the engine meets Euro3 regulations by means of precise fuel injection and 3-way catalyser and exhaust O2 sensor.

Handling is another improved frontier, the Yamaha Vmax now being more at ease around corners. The new Yamaha Vmax features low profile, diamond type aluminum frame to enhance handling, minimal bodywork and mass centralization aided by underseat fuel tank and low center of gravity taking in further. If you're interested in riding a Yamaha Vmax, you can rent one in Hua Hin for 1200 Baht a day.
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