The Yamaha Tmax 530 - The Sportiest Scooter

The Yamaha Tmax 530 scooter is for a long time regarded the sportiest maxi-scooter, and the latest model gets upside-down forks, radial caliper brakes. The Yamaha Tmax 530 is powered by a 530cc forward-inclined parallel 2-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke engine with DOHC 8-valves and 34mm Mikuni throttle body and electronic fuel injection.

The idea a scooter could generate enough performance to be considered sporty has long been accepted; the Yamaha Tmax was internationally launched back in 2001 when it was the first scooter to feature its engine bolted into the frame instead of floating on the swingarm.

So how sporty is the Yamaha Tmax 530? With 46 horsepower and no gears, the super-scooter accelerates in moderation way, yes, but you'd struggle to call it fast. In a straight line the budget big bikes available in Thailand pull easily away from the Yamaha Tmax 530 and “real” sportbikes might as well be from an alternate universe, as you will see the rear light disappear.

Also it's hard to make a connection with the chassis because you're on top of it, like a bob-weight, rather than embracing it, like you do with a sportsbike. But the Yamaha Tmax 530 still turns in an impressive pace, capable of living up a ride with more sportiness than you'd expect.

Therefore the Yamaha Tmax 530 will keep the title for now as being the most sportiest maxi-scooter available in Thailand.

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