The Yamaha TTX X-Force Edition - A Scooter for Boys

We quite like the Yamaha TTX when we rode it some time ago, and our only grudge against it was that it was marketed as a scooter for girls. Why let marketing lingo overshadow the merits of a truly deserving product? Thankfully, Yamaha has addressed this by the Yamaha TTX X-Force Edition, a scooter targeting at... boys.

So, what's so boyish about it? A lot of cosmetic changes, that's what. The Yamaha TTX X-Force gets new colors – army green and black/blue – with very stylish decals.

The most prominent cosmetic change is the overall look of the TTX X-Force Edition. Yamaha uses jet fighters in the advertising campaign. The Yamaha TTX X-Force comes in matte color and currently comes with a free pilot style jacket and helmet as promotion.
The Yamaha TTX X-Force is powered by an 115cc, SOHC single-cylinder engine which gets its fuel from a Yamaha YMJET-FI (fuel injection) system. The transmission is by continuously variable transmission (CVT) with the use of a V-Belt.

If you look at the Yamaha X-Force Edition you probably would agree that it would look cool for a teenager. But what about the actual fun that boys want to have on two-wheels? Well, while the Yamaha TTX X-Force is fairly peppy, I think a sporty, for-boys-only version could do with a little more grunt. Sadly, Yamaha doesn't think so, and for all the fast visual appeal, you'll still be only as fast as the standard Yamaha TTX.
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