Yamaha Stratoliner S the Ultimate Big Bike

Add a windshield, saddlebags and a passenger backrest to the Yamaha Star Roadliner and you've got the Yamaha Star Stratoliner one of the latest entry in Yamaha's cruiser lineup.

Spend an hour on a Roadliner and you've sure to start thinking about traveling. The air-cooled 1854cc pushrod V-twin pounds out a relaxed cadence on the highway where it's running in the meaty part of its powerband, so shiftless passes happen quickly. With 171.45cm between its axles, the big Star is the roomiest bike on the road, and Yamaha has shaped the saddle to allow even tall riders some wiggle room.

This ergonomic flexibility extends to the floorboards, which are long enough to give my larger sized a choice of positions. Thoroughly muted vibration, civilized suspension, stiffer on the Liner, and respectable fuel kilometer-covering all ratify the idea this bike was build to go places.The Yamaha Star Stratoliner's additional equipment adds just over 22.60 kilograms and matches the topshelf finish of the Yamaha Star Roadliner, with comparable windswept shapes and chrome everywhere you look. Following the lead of last year's Royal Star Tour Deluxe, the windshield and backrest can be removed in seconds without tools.

To ensure you're the only one detaching them, both pieces have locks. I was pleased to find the windshield was just low enough to see over when I pulled my body in a upright riding position, more than handy when I rode into the setting sun with a misty rain clouding things. The shield deflected air effectively from edge-shaped to prevent a strong up-flow coming under it or buffeting over the top - was similarly helpful, making the space behind it quiet, still and warm.

The additional equipment doesn't faze the Yamaha Stratoliner's chassis, which still rides well, tracks confidently and brakes hard and controllably with the windshield and saddlebag bolted up. Even at upward of 180km/h there was no hint of any aerodynamic instability.
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