The Yamaha MWT-9 and Honda Neowing - Three-Wheelers

As if the Yamaha Tricity wasn't sufficient proof of Yamaha's commitment to three-wheelers, they unveiled a bigger, bolder version, based on the Yamaha MT-09 / FZ-09. Dubbed the Yamaha MWT-9, Yamaha reckons it is a 'sport machine' that is capable of 'exceptional cornering performance' because of the extra front wheel. That wouldn't surprise us in the slightest, given what a rock-solid front end the little Yamaha Tricity has.

Yamaha stated that its leaning multiwheel (LMW) concept introduces a new type of category in the sport riding area. Called the 'Cornering Masters,' in house, the Yamaha MWT -9 uses twin front wheels for added cornering ability, and the optimized front suspension enables a high level of performance in turns. The rider will feel confident, even when carving through twisty roads with ever-changing road surfaces.
Honda is also getting in on the act, presenting its Honda Neowing, a possible new member of the Goldwing family. The concept offers 'the cornering feel and sporty ride of a large-sized motorcycle while realizing excellent stability at low speeds.' Unusually, it employs a hybrid powertrain combining a horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine with electric motors, generating decent torque and acceleration.

Sporting a unique Honda linkage mechanism up front, the Honda Neowing concept's styling makes it look like a conventional motorcycle in profile, despite its trio of wheels.Tag: Yamaha MWT-9 Honda Neowing Three-Wheel Cornering Masters Leaning Multiwheel LMW Sportsbike
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