The Yamaha MT-10 - Officially Coming to Thailand

The all-new Yamaha MT-10 has been one of the biggest attractions at every motor show since it's unveiling in Milan at the EICMA motor show last year, but Yamaha have been keeping tight-lipped over the specifications and pricing of the new naked streetfighter.

While this latest addition to the firm's wildly popular MT range is essentially a YZR-R1 with the fairings ripped off and clip-ons replaced by a fat handlebar, history is littered with similar transformations that have fallen well short of expectation in terms of performance. The word 'retuned' is kryptonite when manufacturers take a visceral sportsbike and birth a naked from its loins – but Yamaha appear to have listened to what buyers really want, and there was a collective sigh of relief when they revealed the Yamaha MT-10's spec, which includes an impressive horsepower of 158.2 horses @ 11,500rpm.

With a kerb weight of 210 kilograms (around 190kg dry), and most of that weight carried low in the chassis, it should feel scalped sharp and super-responsive.

Yamaha have claimed that it will be 'most remarkable naked bike to be developed by Yamaha so far, and the spec sheet certainly suggest that it will go a long way to eradicating the memory of the disappointing FZ1.

The Yamaha MT-10 gets the same main chassis, swingarm, suspension, electronics package, wheels and basic engine architecture as the in America available budget version of the Yamaha YZF-R1. The engine is 'retuned' for more mid-range responsiveness. It gets rider modes, traction control, cruise control, Yamaha's Slip and Assist clutch, and a full LCD dash, too.

Yamaha have also revealed that there will be an extensive accessories catalog for the Yamaha MT-10, including an official Akrapovic silencer, quickshifter and various billet trinkets for the sporty buyers, and a bigger screen, soft panniers and comfort seat for those looking for more versatility from their motorcycle.

The Yamaha MT-10, for which Yamaha at the moment not reveled the Thai price, is set to be available in Thailand before the end of the year.

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