The Yamaha Filano - Light and Easy Scooter

The Yamaha Filano marks a major milestone for Yamaha in Thailand, being one of the first models that use the YMJet fuel-injection system for the Thai market. The Japanese giant has done its homework well, specifically engineering the Yamaha Filano for the Southeast Asian market, with all and more an owner could demand from a scooter.

While the Yamaha Filano's design, with edgy, modern lines that will turn many peoples head, it certainly hits the bullseye with a compact, light feel making itself apparent form the word go, while still keeping true to the new Thai Yamaha slogan 'We are Different'.

The Yamaha Filano looks so good-to-go on paper, making this the perfect time to get astride one for a thorough road test.

The first thing that strikes you about Yamaha's new Filano is how pint-sized this scooter really is with its low 755mm saddle height. It is purpose-built to woo younger riders with its sporty, youthful styling and sharp lines, while not scaring older potential customers away – the Yamaha Filano certainly isn't a good scooter of choice for adult males (of course this is a very personal statement).
With its fancy colors it resembles the Yamaha Fino and uses multiple colors panels to good effect. The Yamaha Filano's handlebar mounted headlight does a good job at night, the steering mount is especially helpful as it shines light in the direction you're going.

The Yamaha Filano is (fully fueled) a 98 kilogram scooter that feels light and easily manageable from the moment you sit on it, and these factors are certain to delight female riders. The instruments are attractively laid-out, and very readable with the speedometer and fuel-gauge prominently displayed. The scooter-typical switches and control levers work well, and the Yamaha Filano provides effective mirrors that are simple to adjust. Yamaha has equipped the Filano with nice palm grips. And we were further impressed with the thoughtful provision of storage space near the ignition key, and a sturdy bag-hook. The Yamaha Filano's floor panel foot-well, even when riding in wet conditions. The pillion footrests neatly tuck into recesses within the body.

There's a lockable underseat storage space that shuts with a nice positive click and the Filano's saddle uses smart, textured fabric. The tail of this scooter looks smart too, its exhaust sitting neatly encased with a tasteful shroud.

The Yamaha Filano prove a reliable scooter in time, thanks to its excellent overall quality, fit and finish, and built-to-last rubber and plastic components.

Under the Yamaha Filano's seat sits its 115cc class, single-cylinder, four-stroke and forced air-cooled engine. Yamaha uses a modern fuel-injection system for this engine, which they called YMJet fuel-injection. The Yamaha Finalo is a button-started, single-overhead camshaft driven, twin-valve power-plant with long stroke dimensions of 50mm x 57.9mm. Performance is very reasonable for the engine size.

The CVT-transmission-driven Yamaha Filano engine is just as refined and smooth as expected from a Yamaha, and it also stays vibration-free at all times. Throttle response is adequate too, mainly because of the YMJet fuel-injection system. The Yamaha Filano's acceleration is acceptable for an automatic scooter, its mid-range power delivery is not so impressive. The overall performance of the Yamaha Filano won't disappoint you if you're looking to it for daily commuting.

The low, upright riding posture feels comfortable and right for a commuter, and although the Filano's floorboard seems slightly inclined, this doesn't hamper riding pleasure, as it is set at the perfect height, along with the scooter's handlebar.

The Yamaha Filano offers light handling and a precise steering feel, making this a very easy scooter to master. Even short riders will face not trouble placing both feet properly on the road when stationary. And this Yamaha goes around corners as well as any scooter riding on 12-inch wheels. Likewise, ride quality is good, neither overly soft nor firm, with reassuring stability available at all speeds.Tag: Yamaha Filano Scooter 115cc YMJet-FI Single-Cylinder Small-Capacity-Bike Air-Cooled Commuting
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