With a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R in the Raining Season

Being honest, I haven't done a lot of kilometers this month. I've been on holiday and so I didn't touch the Kawasaki that much.

That's actually a real shit, as it's been raining through all my free time. I'm seriously thinking about some full wets for the road. It's not ideal pouncing round on semi-race tires in the rain, and I have a 'go fast or go home' attitude when I ride, so it would probably be the safest option for all concerned.

The lapse in weather has given me the chance to nip down to some of my friends, and fit my Maxton shock, which has been burning a hole in my parts bin for a while now.

Maxton suspension is so underrated. People jump straight to the big guns because of the name, and generally get ripped off with shitty service. I've ridden with Maxton for a few years on several motorcycles, and I love the feedback and vast adjustability you get, not to mention the friendly service and advice.
The standard Kawasaki item is more than up for the job, but the new Maxton unit will give me more options and looks ridiculously good too. The purple really compliments the Kawasaki Ninja green too, sort of? Forget about high and low speed compression adjustment.

The new Maxton GP7 features high, low, and medium speed. Yes, medium. I'll report back soon when I've had a chance to have a fiddle and find a nice base setting. Hopefully, we might get a sneaky trackday in somewhere along the way.

And while the toolbox was open anyway, I fitted the Galfer Wave discs that I've been on about for a while now. Since Kawasaki have pulled their finger out and ditched the Tokico calipers in favor of Nissin, the anchor power has considerably improved on the Ninja ZX-6R.

The overall performance is right up there's no more finders being trapped between the bar and level. The Galfers have improved heat dissipation and there's consistency in the lever movement now. Again, I'll report back next time when I've had a change for a proper thrash...

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