Who needs a Touring Bike?

If I've said it once I've said it a thousand time – I don't see the point in sport tourers. Designing and building a motorcycle that is by definition slower, heavier, and less responsive than it could be is a bit like conceiving a super model with cellulite and a fat behind... Who's gonna key into that?

And the advantages? More torque? Who cares about torque? It's boring. Give me a frenetic rev-band to aim for any day. More upright riding position? Who want there gregory sticking out in the breeze like a police escort rider and all that pressure on their postupedically pressured spine when it could be tucked down safely out of harm's way in mock doggy style?

More space? Who needs space when you only do size eights – tens at a real politically correct push.
To me a sport tourer still has to have the quintessential characteristics of a sports bike – namely it must be incomparably sexy (which precludes any sort of fixed baggage – including wives...), and be inherently responsive, which means good power to weight.

At the same time a slightly more generous fuel range might be an advantage, as would be build quality that precludes the thing breaking down less than that new improved fuel tank range.
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Anonymous User

Friday, 29 April 2011 @ 09:16 PM ICT
Nobody can deny that the contributor is absolutely correct - for him. On the other hand, his preferred bike is going to make for dull riding if he decides to drive the thousands of kilometers required to go from Ohio to Sturgis - all flat, and requiring days of straight travel. That is, we all have our preferences and different bikes are designed for them, which is why we've a variety from which to chose. Indeed, even mountainous roads with curves are often designed and banked to allow for the clumsiest of bikes.

Meanwhile, police with radar guns hide around the next corner.

Of course, such conditions do not pertain in Thailand, where the argument applies better. Personally, I like clean clothes sufficient for the trip. Some bikers, I believe, are not so besotted with their bikes that they don't want a woman (or whoever) to ride pillion.


Saturday, 30 April 2011 @ 10:26 AM ICT
It's the endless discussion of tourers vs sportsbikes, American Iron vs Japanese... touring bike owners have little good to tell about sportsbike, and sportsbike owners see touring bikes as a abomination...