Wheelie with a Ducati S4RS

It's starting to feel like I'm finally cracking this wheelie thing. I always knew that the Ducati S4RS would help me get there this year. Carefully spending time building confidence was the key for me I think.

When I was first bought the Ducati S4RS as a secondhand motorcycle, I was clutching up in second, only to roll off as it came up, I won't lie, it took me quite a while to relinquish the fear of flipping it. Like anything though, practice makes perfect and after several accumulated hours of playtime, something clicked.

All of a sudden, I was getting a snippet of the mysterious balance point, and for the first time, I was feeling a type of calmness on the rear wheel. After achieving this a couple of times, two things became apparent: I wanted it more than ever, and it's a little harder to flip than I originally feared. Of course, that's as long as you're not being stupid.
This is all in a single gear still, so the next step is to get the knack of changing up, I have been hosting it in third at 110 km/h too. Mind you, this is a little hit and miss and a totally different kettle of fish. The front rises slow at first but then goes light and flies up. By this time, the Ducati is easily hitting 140km/h.

All of this is by no means polished, and I've got some way to go until I'm happy, but I'm finding myself hoisting the front at any possible moment in a bid to fuel the habit.
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