What's Wrong with Spare Parts Supplies?

The way most motorcycle companies are treating their customers in respect of the availability of spare parts is most execrable. In my own case, it was the Honda Sonic 125 some time ago, which I sold only because I was tired of waiting for weeks on end to get some important spare part. Now my Kawasaki Ninja 250R has been lying idle for the past two months because the authorized dealer/workshop where I live, is not able to deliver a simple spare part.

We should have a location, where we can report such things as short messages to Motorcycle Thailand and even give a change to the motorcycle companies to reply/explain why the customer is let down.

Touching upon another germinal issue, I also wish that the directors/managers of motorcycle manufacturing companies would leave their cosy offices once in a while and ride pillion on one of their own fancy creations for two hours at a stretch on an average bumpy rural road. Maybe, they would then realize that comfort has to take priority over style. Is it not idiotic that every day millions of pillion riders have to suffer the torture of those so-called seats just because manufacturers (as also we, the customers) are so much obsessed with style?
And, ironically, the costlier the motorcycle, the more uncomfortable becomes the pillion seat. As for style, it should come after quality and comfort.

Much respect to all those motorcycling people with low budgets, who do not care about style and fancy motorcycles, but enjoy their ride wherever they go.
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