What To Do After We Crashed our Motorcycle

We will all at some point in our riding lives end up with our pride and joy lying smashed on its side. But don't panic, your actions now determine whether you are a man or a frail, pathetic child. Dropping your bike is all part of the rich tapestry of riding, so deal with it and move on.

Firstly, assuming you've had a man-sized crashed, leap out of the road so you don't get squashed. Next, check everything works and no bones are broken, take you time to check, as you can be in some form of shock and not feel a thing. Still alive? Good. Providing you're okay and it's safe to do so, it's time to get the bike upright. Stand at the front of the machine and turn the bars so they're on full lock with the front of the front wheel pointing upwards.
Put you gloves on to protect your hands from any smashed metal surfaces, hot exhausts, blood and oil. Link you hands together to form a cradle, bend from the knees and keep your back straight. Put your linked hands under the end of the lower handlebar and lift the bike upright by straighting your legs.

Get the bike out of the way of traffic and somewhere safe. You'll need to give it a check over before you ride off. It may be damaged and unsafe in which case it's telephone time.

Broken clutch / brake levers can function if a stub's left in place. If you can, find a rough stone and run the edges of the break, they'll be sharp and can damage your gloves or even you if you fell off again. 30 seconds with a stone will smooth them off nicely. Gear and brake pedals can work with the nubbins broken off too, but it's not ideal.

Engines, particularly carburetor ones may be slow to start after a bike's been on its side. Don't rush it and flatten your battery. Short bursts with one minute intervals will get it going. Be especially vigilant for any dizziness, especially if you've knocked your head. Take your helmet off and check it for knocks, you might have bashed it and not realized. Any doubt about your own health, call a friend rather than risk riding. Friends with who you regular speak will directly hear if you are a bit off.
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