What About Bikers Attitude

One of the first things that motorcyclists seem to acquire just before they buy their first bike is attitude. This isn't kickboxing, guys. After another weekend of motorcycling in Thailand, it seems that riders always have something to prove, and they go about doing it without much thought.

There has got to be a learning curve, a transition from novice to intermediate to advanced. Some guys will take years before they can push their bike to its limits. Some will be ready to move to a better bike in a few months. It all depends on how attuned you are with the way you and the bike perform, how much you ride, and how hard you concentrate when you do ride.

I have been riding a long time, and I know I can not come close to being a competitive rider. I spend most of my time at the office, writing and talking about riding, but not actually doing too much of it.And when I do get a chance to ride, I have to take a manufacturer's bike out for a test. You might think that having someone else's bike to ride would give you more leeway to push it. What you have to remember is that if you are changing your bike every month or so, you haven't even had a chance to get used to the one before you turn it in for something else.

Anyway, cut yourselves and the novices a break, will ya? We are all in this thing together. Just because I have flashy paints doesn't mean I want to race you. I could care less about who's bike will hit the next stoplight first, or who can make it to the next town first. I care about staying up, working on my lines, and finishing whole. On the highway, guys wave at one another, but the same guys would throw some really hard vibe at you if they saw you doing stupid things.
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