WD40 Motorcycle Chain Lubrication

Despite all the technological advances within motorcycling, a chain and two sprockets remains the most effective way to get the power from the engine to the rear wheel. For chains and sprockets to perform well they need lubrication, but so many products flick off as quickly as they went on leaving you with lubrication everywhere except on the chain, and the chain remains unprotected until you apply lubrication again.

WD40 Chain Wax goes on as a tacky white film and dries quickly to leave the chain both protected and lubricated even in the hottest and wettest conditions.

WD40 claims that the WD40 Chain Wax can be used with O, X, and Z ring motorcycle chains. The chain wax is also an excellent protection against corrosion and will reduce chain wear, while boosting performance.

WD40 also has Motorbike Chain Lube, which is particularly good if you store your motorcycle for the raining season.

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