WD-40 Turns 60-years

We all know that a WD-40 can holds some sort of magic, if you ever worked on your motorcycle yourself you probably know what I'm talking about, and you have likely a can of WD-40 near your motorcycle tools. This month, the magic WD-40 can turned 60. Yeah, I know, it's just one of those great little gems that takes up next to no space on your shed shelf but it's the go-to tool for so many things.

If you've ever wondered where the product got its name, the story goes that it took scientists at the Rocket Chemical Co in San Diego 40 formulations to perfect this unique water-displacement technology.

They dubbed their winning discovery Water Displacement 40th attempt, later shortening it to WD-40. The manufacturer of WD-40 claims that you can use the product in more than 2000 situations, but in Thailand we love WD-40 mostly to protect the electrical parts of our motorcycles from the impact of the heavy rain during the raining season.

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