The Vespa LX125 3Vie - Italian Head Turner

It's been more than a month since we have had the Vespa LX125 3Vie, and the more we ride it, the more we're getting to like it. The engine has freed up nicely after it's first service. Although it vibrates a bit at lower revs, it's smooth once it gets cruising.

With a hassle-free riding experience, this Italian head-turner is proving to be a great daily commuter, great for everyday chores, although we sometimes miss the flat floorboard of some of the other scooters we tested, which is handy for storing things by your feet, like a big shopping bag.

I wish the clock on the instrument cluster was directly connected to the scooter's battery. I had a hard tome replacing the button cell battery that powers the clock. The mechanic who we took the Vespa LX125 to had to strip down the scooter apron and then take out the clock to replace that button cell battery.
The missing side stand on the Vespa LX125 makes the journey irritating if you have couple of stops on the go or, say, the ground is uneven. There's a lockable glove-box under the handlebar, which is good for only gloves – anything more and you'll be disappointed.

Still, the handling of the Vespa LX125 3vie is good, and combined with its small turning radius, it helps you weave your way through peak traffic quite nicely.
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