The Vee Rubber VRM-206 Dual-Sport / Adventure Tires

The Vee Rubber VRM-206 Adventure Bike Tires, probably the most important thing for a Adventure bike is the tire choice, which seems to be a hot topic in the adventure community. With a vast range of requirements,. It's impossible for any one type of tire to address the full range of needs for both on-road and off-road. That said, the ideal tire would perform great off-road and be made from a compound that's not too soft to wear off in nothing flat on either pavement or rocks.

I waited as long as I could to replace the tires on my adventure bike, after I started looking to replace the current tires I discovered the Vee Rubber VRM-206 tires. I wasn't sure if they would measure up on off-road terrain with a full load. Even with the heavy-duty sidewall construction, I was able to spoon them on myself with the aid of some tools.

The destination of choice to give them a first test was a combination of unpaved country roads, muddy roads, and some semi-dry soft sand roads in Khon Kaen Province...
The Vee Rubber VRM-206, being a good ~80/20 tire, I immediately noticed the responsiveness of this more rounded tire than the previous mounted rubber, especially the lack of knobby dance on pavement. The Vee Rubber VRM-206 lugs and their irregular shape at a 10mm height are small than the rectangular shapes on the previous tires at 14mm height, they're also closer together providing much more traction on the tarmac, with better tracking and less highway noise.

I continued the Vee Rubber VRM-206 on their road-worthiness test on the way back to Bangkok, and I had fun riding and can recommend the tires seriously.
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