Valentino Rossi, the 36 million Dollar Man

The Valentino Rossi Express is the richest gravy train in racing history, but does it do the sport any good? Are Valentino's pumped-up earnings taking away from others, or is he driving wages up for all?

In 2007 from merchandising Valentino, a share of every official Rossi cap sold. That'll add up for estimated US$ 1 million payout.

Dainese and AGV pay dearly to supply riding gear, to use Valentino Rossi's image, and to sell Rossi replicas. Estimated last year payout was around US$ 6 million.

Fiat, if the rumors are real, Yamaha is getting US$ 113 million for two years. Valentino Rossi will get most of it, which was in 2007 about US$ 15 million.
Fast Web, pioneering Italian combined phone/internet/TV provider replaces Alice. Rossi has filmed a series of TV ads for them, estimated income US$ 7 million

Imatra, Valentino Rossi has a stake in the label itself, and personally promotes Imatra sunglasses sold by Safilo Oxydo, and the less well-developed Imatra clothing line. The Imatra sidekick was in 2007 good for about 4 million US dollars.

Kerakoll, a perfect demonstration of the whimsy of sponsorship. They make industrial adhesives. Valentino Rossi races Grand Prix motorcycles, what is the connection other that they donated 3 million US dollar to Valentino Rossi's bank account.
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