Use a Heavy-Duty O-Ring Chain

Your motorcycle chain, it's just a chain. What's there to know, right? Wrong. A motorcycle chain can make or break your motorcycling experience. Literally. Modern motorcycles usually come with a low-cost chain that stretches and wears out in a short amount of time. Even when a motorcycle manufacture uses chains from a famous chain manufacturer the quality and durability is often not the same as for the retail chains from the same company.

Most of the time I use heavy-duty O-ring chains, with exception of my retro/classic bike, that have a tensile strength rating of 4,000kg or more. Normally I ride my motorcycles with the stock chain first until it is worn out and then put on the heavy-duty O-ring chain.

Installation is very standard, but there is noticeable improvement in the lack of chain stretch and how little I have to adjust the chains. After the average first ride, the heavy-duty chain has to be adjusted, but after that, it doesn't stretch as much as the stock chains do. Of course I will still check the chain every time I go for a longer ride, but almost never have to adjust it.
Another improvement is that the heavy-duty chain durability. On the average motorcycle the heavy-duty chain last about two times longer than a regular motorcycle O-ring chain, while not costing twice the price so you even have a financial benefit.

Of course care of the chain is important; if you don't spray some sort of lubricant on it after a wash, it will rust. Also, make sure you set the proper amount of chain tension recommended in your owner's manual when adjusting it.
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