Update for the July 10 Chiang Rai Bikers Day Ride

Several riders recently scouted the route for July 10. One thing that stood out for me on that route is- BRING A CAMERA. There are so many places early in the route that offer fantastic views of the valleys and mountains. On the scouting trip, we were in a bit of a hurry and didn’t stop to take advantage of all that was available to be appreciated. On July 10, I will be stopping quite a bit so the wife can snap pics of the more memorable sights.

We identified one place where the main road is closed near Doi Mae Salong but by making a left at the detour sign, we were able to slip through a village on cobblestone streets and reconnect with the main highway just a few minutes a later.

Coffee stops- We found several. Near Doi Mae Salong, there is a beautiful flower garden and coffee shop that will accommodate a large group, coffee at 40 baht. However, the right-hand turn into the driveway of that place is very steep and may be a hazard for large bikes and leaving the place and re-entering the highway is even more hazardous because of the steep climb up the driveway. Just a short distance further up the road and on the left there is another coffee stop that offers hot water and instant coffee in addition to cold drinks.

At Tha Ton, we crossed the river bridge, made an immediate left and found a nice Thai food café for lunch. Good prices, good food. A recommendation was also made to eat at the first restaurant on the left prior to crossing that bridge. So, in Tha Ton there is enough seating for very large group if we end up with lots of people on the 10th.
After leaving Fang and heading east toward Highway 1 (the short route for this ride), there is again some really nice twisty riding and some opportunities for good camera shots. This road is torn up in a few places and under construction in one place but it is a very nice ride. We made a refreshment stop in a small village on this road and then proceeded to Highway 1 and a last stop for dessert, coffee and beer at Charin Resort and then a 25 minute ride home from there.

Just south of Fang, several of the scouts continued on south to Chiang Mai. I haven’t heard what they found on that route.

I don’t have grid coordinates for the places I mention above and not sure we need them. If needed, a briefing can be given on the morning of the 10th at the PTT before we start out. Overall, it looks a great route for bikes of all sizes and riders of all skill levels. The wife and I are looking forward to it.

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