The Tsubaki Racing-Pro TX4 Chain - Premium Quality

The Tsubaki Racing-Pro TX4 chain is the premium chain option from leading Japanese manufacturer Tsubaki. I bought it at the start of 2015 and was really shocked when I learned about the price 7,500 THB.

The plan was to use it for a season of three-to-six-hour-endurance races, under which it would be given a fair bit of stick. I was advised to buy two chains, just in case the original started to show signs of fatigue.
Over the course of eight race meetings and a total of 7,300 racing kilometers, this chain has performed amazingly. It has been regularly oiled and adjusted, but it's otherwise been abused just like any other motorcycle chain would be, having to face both dry and wet weather conditions.

The Tsubaki Racing-Pro TX4 chain is now being retired form the motorcycle, but only as a matter of course, and refuses to show any sign of wear. You do get what you pay for in life, especially in the case of the Tsubaki Racing-Pro TX4 chain.Tag: Tsubaki Racing-Pro TX4 Motorcycle-Chain Parts Lubrication Performance Final-Drive
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