The Triumph Daytona 955i as Secondhand Choice

<img width="200" height="160" class="floatleft" src="" alt="" />Aimed squarely at the Japanese superbikes, the Triumph Daytona 955i, quite unsurprisingly, has lashings of power and grunt on tap courtesy of the big capacity triple burbling away beneath the bodywork. There is a good deal more to this design that sheer speed, however, the Hinckley built triple has bags of character, in the form of a usable power delivery, and a sweet handling chassis that hides well the extra weight that this motorcycle carries.

Held together by a mix of tubular alloy and hefty keel plates, the Triumph 955i is capable of holding its own in all but the heat of track-side competition, certainly on the road little can be had to beat the Triumph Daytona 955i, particularly if little luggage is needed on the trip. The beefy power plant and stable manners make the Triumph Daytona 955i into one of the best sports tourers too, able to maintain silly speeds for equally silly periods of time, quickly turning the road ahead into the past, In use the Triumph Daytona, whatever the variant, does its job in a simple manner, it holds the road and goes like a roadrunner.
As with all of the modern Triumph range, the brakes are nothing short of awesome, quite how the team at Hinckley manages this act, using only proprietary parts, may never be known, but the anchors do work and work well. Tipping the scales a good deal heavier than any of its more sporty sparring partners, the Triumph Daytona 955i needs to lose speed efficiently, thankfully tons of power and control is on hand which when allied to the superbly stable chassis allows the speed to be scrubbed off with ease.

A total of eight pistons, grabbing a pair of 320mm floating discs, get to work as soon as the slightest of pressure is applied to the front brake lever, never shying of fading away from their hard graft of burning off kinetic energy.

Overall the big Triumph is exactly that, a victory for the home boys, stopping just shy of the outright race track performance shown by the leading Japanese and Italian manufacturers but still creating a superb all-round machine that in the real world has won many friends. It is stylish, fast and, above all, dependable.

The Triumph Daytona 955i was manufactured from 1998 up to 2007 and is a great alternative to the Japanese four, it is reliable and surely one of the bikes I would look for when I wanted to buy a secondhand motorcycle.
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