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Triumph began manufacturing Motorcycles in the United Kingdom in 1902 and in 2013 had 6.2 percent of the global market share in motorcycles over 500cc.

Triumph started production in Thailand in 2002, and currently employees over 1,000 people in the manufacture of motorcycle components and assembly of motorcycles. Like many other companies enjoying Thailand as a manufacturing location, Triumph has plans to increase production volumes significantly over the next 5 years. It has already noticed a move toward larger motorcycles in emerging markets, which should benefit their business.

Triumph enjoys a good working relationship with the Thailand Board of Investment and receives BOI privileges for motorcycles. In fact, the company identifies the incentives received from BOI as a reason why Thailand is a good operating base for the company. Also included among the reasons is that Thai staff are hard-working, diligent and offer good value. Thailand is also a good location to retain skilled expatriate staff seconded from the UK parent Company.
When asked if Triumph is able to find sufficient skilled labor in Thailand, the company replied that operators and junior staff are quite easy to recruit, although it is more difficult to find engineers and senior managers.

In terms of education levels, operators have a high school education and several years' experience, whereas supervisors, managers and engineers have at least a four year college degree and senior staff a Master of Arts degree.

Nevertheless, the company does strive for continuous improvement and actively promotes training: technical and English language skills. Every year 6 to 10 employees are seconded to the parent Company in the UK for 6 months advanced training.

The Thailand Board of Investment looks forward to a long and prosperous relationship with such stellar brands as Ducati and Triumph, and with all of its motorcycle manufacturers.Tag: Triumph Manufacturing Thailand Labor BOI
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