The Triumph Street Triple - Playing a New Tune

Now that's some time of living with my new motorcycle! The Triumph Street Triple continues to put smiles on my face at a roaring rate of knots, over the past four weeks the Triumph Street Triple has been back to the dealer for a service and some re-set of the rev lights that were dancing around the outside of the rev counter. It turns out that the previously mentioned life of their own was because the system needed to be re-set from a PDI setting, that's all. Literally 30 seconds with a proper Triumph computer plugged into the motorcycle, a couple of hits on the keyboard and it was sorted out. No problem.

So now! I have the joy of the light which build from green to orange to red before hitting the rev-limiter on the howling Street Triple. It's good fun to watch the lights hunt their way in a graceful arc... but I digress.
There's been quite a bit of architectural tweaking going on with the Triumph Street Triple this month. Firstly, the original end cans have gone in favor of some good looking Akrapovic options they are not cheap, far from it, but they really change the personality and feel of the Triumph Street Triple in downtown riding. I've had a couple of hundred of kilometers on them as I write this report and I love them, I found a way to remove the baffles for full volume but I am not going down that route (for now), I'm keeping them in and enjoying the enhanced noise of the Titanium Akrapovic Street Legal Slip-On Exhaust so much that it's always tempting to just hang on to a gear for a bit longer, just raise the revs a bit more and let the smile grow.

Part of the kit is a new tune download needed to free up a couple more ponies from the Street Triple's engine and it's instantly noticeable. The Triumph Street Triple picks up a bit more cleanly from as low as 3000rpm and just rumbles across the mid-range before picking up its skirts and hurtling forward. Yes, it's good stuff. The Akrapovic system is easily order online Akrapovic Street Legal Slip-On Exhaust
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