Track Day the Learning Curve

Track days are, apart from the enormous amount of fun to be had, the best and quickest way to improve your riding skills. You could ride for years on the road and never feel comfortable enough to try wheelie or heaven forbid 'spin-it up.'

Once you've been riding on a race track for a while though, you'll be amazed by your brake and throttle control, and your feel for what the motorcycle is doing. But track days in Thailand are also something to take serious – sort your-kit, fitness, and state of mind before getting on the track.

You don't need to spend a fortune on your motorcycle suit. Even cheap suits are now well up to scratch. Your motorcycle suit isn't checked, so use sense and don't wear knackered stuff with more holes than leather.
The basic requirement is a good motorcycle helmet, something what was a bit more than 4,000 THB and either one-piece leathers or a two-piece motorcycle suit that zips together right round. If you don't have a back protector, beg, borrow, or buy one. They're as vital as a helmet.

Check your knee sliders have enough thickness left, and polish your visor the night before. Take something to clean it with too, a microfiber napkin to clean your sunglasses will be perfect.

You need to look after yourself as well. Don't get drunk and makes sure you have a good rest, also not ride with an injury. Resist a heavy lunch, it'll make you lethargic and likely to crash. Take energy drinks plus chocolate and crisps for between sessions.
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