Tire talk – Punctures and Storage

Flat tires we all get them and plugged or repaired tires are legally good to use on the road, but guidelines recommend you don't use a repaired 'Z' rated tire.

Most sportsbikes use Z-rated tires, so it's up to you. When a tire is punctured, the object breaks the carcass of the tire, causing the escape of air. The carcass gives the tire its strength, and this damage could potentially seriously compromise the tire's construction. Bridgestone is one of the tire companies that don't recommend repairing a Z-rated tire.
Another things about tires is if you're planning on leaving our motorcycle stored for a while, for example for the raining season, lift both wheels off the ground using paddock stands. Continual, long durational and one spot contact with the garage floor can damage a tire and the sustained loading of pressure can also affect the rubber.

If you don't have paddock stands, try hanging your motorcycle or find other ways to relieve pressure of the tires – even putting your motorcycle on some old carpet will help, especially if you change the motorcycle's position on its tire every few weeks. Also check the tire pressure sometimes will help your tires survive the storage time...
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