The Wet Season Tyre Choice

The raining season is finally finished. I know I put a set of Avon's new Storm ST's on to see what they'd be like in wet conditions, but enough already.

However, the Avons have acquitted themselves superbly in the last few months of shitty weather. To give them a better chance I've actually managed to get the suspension settings backed off. The previous Dunlop Qualifiers where not that great in the rain, and spun-up on me quite a few times as the rear shock was way to hard. It was making the tyres do more work.

Early March with the help of some friends we fitted the Avons and also helped renew a more standard, wet weather friendly set-up. Since then the back wheel has spun just once, and I'm pretty sure that was on oil. It noticeably doesn't turn as fast, but in downpours and 100km/h I'm not exactly pushing it. I have found myself being a bit cheeky through twisty wet roads from time to time though. The Avon ST's haven't budged an bit, and are pretty impressive all round.
The flatter profile probably doesn't help turn-in, but what they lose in that regard, they take back in corner stability.

If you do big monsoon season riding then consider giving them a try, and let me know what you think.

The bike isn't totally enjoying the raining season though, and has started showing signs of rot. Keep on top of it and it'll be ok, but I reckon if you left it uncared for any decent length of time it could mean trouble.

Another issue is oil usage, which is quite scary money-wise. My mechanic noticed it may be weeping sporadically from the camchain tensioner, but not enough to match what's being replaced. It guzzled more than two liters in just over 4,000 kilometer, but it could just be the way the engine is....

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